Lethal – The Ultimate Card Stab

Bobby Motta had the idea for this amazing effect.  He came to me to design and build it for him.  It has built-in huge entertainment!  Check out the video below.


1. Ok, now for my review. I got this a few weeks ago, and don’t usually add something into my act so quick, but this just was perfect for the up coming big event I had. I was performing for the National Health Service (NHS) 60th anniversary ball in front of 600 people, and it went absolutely brilliant. I have had so many comments since about that effect alone, and has already for me made it completely worth it. 

The craftsmanship on the board is sensational! Built to last a long time I am sure. I have quite a few BIG events coming up as well, and I will use it then. This effect does require practice, as all tricks should. Now,

The props are first quality as I have said before.

The nice thing is, is that it is all self contained, so when you get to your gig, just carry the board in and you are set! 

The effect also comes with a really nicely produced DVD. The DVD is broken into many segments, and Bobby is a good teacher. I don’t believe a single step was left unturned. The DVD starts with a welcome, as all DVDs do these days, followed by a few live performances. It really is good to watch the performances, and learn from them. Then you get shown the technical side. Gerry goes through what you have and how it works and how to set it up ready to perform. This is probably the most useful section on the DVD, and really does go over everything technical you could need to know. You basically get a walkthrough of the device.

After this, Bobby goes through Knife control, various ways to bring the knife into the actual performance, how to make holding the knife look natural etc, all the different ways to throw the knife etc which is incredibly important to get right! (Although you aren’t actually throwing the knife in the effect).

Next comes timing and positioning. These two are incredibly important, especially the timing, and this is what will take the most practice. If you really are to practice efficiently, you need to practice with someone else who is going to throw the cards in the air for you.

There are a few ways to perform it, with a forced card, freely selected and signed card, or…an imagination come real sort of effect. The version I performed a couple days ago was the forced card version. I think the signed card version is great, but not needed. It isn’t the type of effect that even if the spectators think you have a duplicate, that you couldn’t spike that card. The magic moment is spearing a card, and it is the correct card. When I performed it…after I had speared the card, it got lots of applause, as I then said ‘It is just a card at this point…’, I rip the card off and asked if they would all be impressed if I had speared the correct card, they all cheered yes, I asked for the name of the card, he said it and I then said would they be more impressed if not only I speared their card and managed to change it into a different card, got lots of laughs and groans, as I then said ‘But it’s ok, on this occasion I got the right card’…and they all went wild. Really did get great reactions.

Some will prefer the signed card version, but for me, it really isn’t needed in this type of effect. The alternate version is nice as well, if you don’t want cards thrown. In this version, you supposedly make the card invisible, put it on the knife, make the knife invisible, and throw it at the board and it becomes real on the board.

And to close up are the final tips. Here Bobby just goes through how important it is etc to milk, and build up the effect as it happens. This really is a strong effect, and with three different ways to perform it, really makes it versatile.

For working Magicians, this really is great, and will easily repay you in performances. For hobbyists, the price is a little much, especially if you are only performing to family and friends every now and then. Bobby and Jerry really should be proud of this effect, as it really is top notch in every way, and I feel lucky to be a proud owner of Lethal.

When I performed it, I brought some hardware gloves, goggles and safety jacket. When I told them how dangerous it was, as I was throwing a knife at them, safety gear would be needed…and I proceeded to bring out a plastic carrier bag which got some laughs (And this was my intention, as I say ‘On a tight budget’ as I bring the bag out), then I put all the safety gear on me! Just before I throw it though I take the gloves and goggles off and put them on the person throwing the cards…again gets laughs, then I get ready to throw and say ‘Ok, I have some protection for you as well’…

 As you can see, there really is so much scope for this, and the fact I was performing to the NHS, meant there were GPs and nurses there as well as directors etc, so I told them to be on stand by should I miss etc which got more laughs. I really had fun performing this for the first time, and can only imagine the amount of fun I will continue to have performing this. Thanks and congratulations to Bobby and Jerry!




2.  Recieved my LETHAL last week and have examined the props and watched the DVD. This was money well spent. Everything is top notch, from the craftsmanship to the routine to the instructional DVD. This will be a highlight of my show. Looking forward to performing this.




3.  Aaaaaand got it – I AM VERY HAPPY WITH IT!!! I do not say that too often. This will be definitely used! ; )

Great service great illusion!!!




4. Well you have a HIT with the Audience and a hit with me!!. I got my Lethal for my birthday from my wife today and was doing it later on in the night for 300 people. This unit is very well made, The dvd is well produced (with Bobby wearing a microphone…YEA !!!! someone who cares about production quailty) and it goes into great detail of the performance and care. I don’t think I had one question after watching the DVD. After getting this trick, I realized that I miss well made professionally produced tricks meaning that I haven’t had such quality in my show since I purchased Jumbo Sidekick and KJ bowling ball. All that’s left is working in my own moments, patter and gags.

Guys this is easy to do, very well made and I say 9 out of 10 on ten being spectacular !!!! I LOVE THIS !! Great addition to my show


DON’T BUY IT!!!!  


5. I purchased your Lethal Card Stab a number of months ago.  Used it successfully for a condo. show tour.  Recently got some nice footage of it from a performance.  Went fantastic!  Please have a look at the video footage on my website at www.magicofrober.com on the Cabaret Show link.


“Lethal is nasty! The mechanism is so slick you won’t believe it. I’ve tried to come up with something like this for years but couldn’t find the solution.  Bobby and Gerry did!”

Dave Merry


“A visually perfect illusion”

 Jay Sankey


Thanks again for a great invention!